A sad story, must read :(

from HelloTxtColby Curtin, a 10-year-old girl suffering from terminal vascular cancer, told her mom that she wanted to live to see Pixar's Up. But before she could visit the theater, her condition became too unstable for her to be moved. Colby's family called Pixar, guessed a name of an employee to break through the automated operator and explained the situation to the first person they reached. A Pixar employee flew out immediately with a DVD, toys and posters in hand. From the OC Register: Colby couldn't see the screen because the pain kept her eyes closed so her mother gave her a play-by-play of the film. "Do you think you can hang on?" Colby's mother said. "I'm ready (to die), but I'm going to wait for the movie," the girl replied. At the end of the film, the mother asked if her daughter enjoyed the movie and Colby nodded yes, Lisa Curtin said. Colby died later that evening, hopefully fulfilled in at least some small way.

First Twittercide ;)

from HelloTxtTwo things here in what seems to be the world's first Twittercide: don't use your computer while taking a bath. And if for whatever reason you do, don't be like this 17-year-old Romanian girl and risk your well-being to Tweet. The Austrian times says that Maria Barbu was, in fact, in the tub while using Twitter when she likely reached to plug in her charger with a wet hand, electrocuting herself in the process. You smell that? Yeah, that's a Darwin Award in the making.


Broken (Radio Version)

The Fallen Art....

The best short animated movie....[http://htxt.it/06Yb]

Fallen Art 05

from HelloTxtThe Recruits Keeper...Loves his subordinates, love blossoms in the barracks, especially in the evening....:)

Fallen Art 04

from HelloTxtHe is the analyst of pain....Photography is his hobby...;)

Fallen Art 03

from HelloTxtSome mass produced self-volunteer 0A series of Private Soldiers.....

Fallen Art 02

from HelloTxthttp://htxt.it/3Q4x

Fallen Art 01

from HelloTxthttp://htxt.it/m7ow


Get a BANG out of Bi

Get a BANG out of Bing....If you know what I mean [Just turn off the restriction in Extras --> Preferences] ;) http://www.bing.com


The born Technology Lover!

from HelloTxtKajus Aukščionis is quite possibly the fastest baby in the world. Sure, he's been training since he was five months old, but his real secret is much closer to our hearts. He loves laptops. This is the story of a tiny little human who has, at least for now, become the Usain Bolt of babies, all because he loves technology, even—or perhaps, especially—in the form of his dad's janky Dell laptop. It's almost enough to bring a tear to my eye.

Nvidia's dirty dozen

from HelloTxt# 5-10 hours of continuous HD video playback on a single charge (dependent on screen usage). # Up to 24 days of continuous audio playback on a single charge (if screen not in use while listening to audio). I really doubt that......