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The World’s Number 1 Best Selling BlackBerry Application is ‘Made in Pakistan’!

‘Made in Pakistan’!


blackberry1ann thumb The Worlds Number 1 Best Selling BlackBerry Application is Made in Pakistan!

Photo Editor, the World’s number one seller, in all categories, on Blackberry App Store happens to be ‘Made in Pakistan’.

Developed by a Lahore-based software company Pepper.PK, the Photo Editor for blackberry has made it to the top of list for paid applications.

Tech Lahore has detailed post on the topic.

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Return Of Feed Filters in Facebook

In a time not so long ago, Facebook has a feature which enabled users to filter through feed stories based on the type of story and based on where that story originated from. While it disappeared for some time (after first appearing in 2008), here is a screenshot of the feature back in the new design.

While almost identical to previous filters, the new design fits in with the existing design of the homepage. While I’m not quite sure why feed filters were pulled in the first place, I’m sure there are plenty of power users who will find the return of these filters to be useful. A possilbe reason could be that the 'Friends' page has no more status updates. You can see a screenshot of the filters in action below.

Thanks to Anthony Ramos for the tip!

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What is the meaning of 'Roger That'. Who the heck is Roger.

"Roger" is an aviation code word that means "I received your entire message". It doesn't imply you agree or even that you understand what it means.

In popular culture, "Roger" carries the additional implication that the recipient agrees; "Roger that" just emphasizes the received message further, sort of like the response "you could say that again!"

To summarize:

In aviation:
A: "Come in B, the QNH is now 1002."
B: "Roger A. Unable, I don't know what QNH means."

In popular culture:
A: "Hey B, that girl is really gorgeous."
B: "Roger that, A!"

From Yahoo Answers...... Thankyou for solving this mystery for me. 

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