All About Dengue Fever (DF)

What is Dengue fever (DF)?

Dengue infection is caused by a virus. It occurs commonly as dengue fever. Occasionally the patient suffering from dengue may develop bleeding. Common sites for bleeding are nose, gums or skin. Sometimes, the patient may have  coffee ground vomiting or black stools. This indicates bleeding in gastro intestinal tracts and it is serious. The patient with dengue who has bleeding has dengue haemorrhagic fever (DHF ). Rarely the patient suffering from dengue may develop shock, then it is called dengue shock syndrome ( DSS)


When should I suspect Dengue?

Dengue should be suspected when you have sudden onset of fever. The fever is high 103-105 degrees F or 39-40 degrees C. It is accompanied with severe headache (mostly in the forehead), pain behind the eyes, body aches and pains, rash on the skin and nausea or vomiting. The fever lasts for 5-7 days. In some patients, fever comes down on 3rd or 4th day but comes back. All the above symptoms and signs may not be present in the patient. The patient feels much discomfort after the illness.

There are several types of fever, when should dengue be suspected?

The characteristics of dengue that make it different from other causes of fever are the pain behind the eyes, severe pains in the muscles, severe joint pains, and skin rashes. These features make the diagnosis of suspected Dengue likely. The severe joint pains caused by DF is the reason why DF is also called break-bone fever.

What is the difference between suspected and probable case of dengue?

If a patient suspected to be having dengue has reduced platelets or an increase in blood haematocrit, then the patient has probable dengue. These additional findings makes dengue more likely. Patients with dengue may not have a high haematocrit if the person was anaemic to start with.

(Platelets are cells in blood that help to stop bleeding. Haematocrit indicates the thickness of blood).

Can you get dengue again after suffering from it once?

It is possible to get dengue more than once. Dengue can occur because of 4 different but related strains of dengue virus. If a person has suffered from one virus, there can be a repeat occurrence of dengue if a different strain is involved subsequently. Being affected by one strain offers no protection against the others. A person could suffer from dengue more than once in her/his lifetime.

Can the diagnosis of dengue be confirmed?

There are laboratory tests that provide direct or indirect evidence for dengue fever. These tests provide evidence for the occurrence of dengue infection. There are some additional tests that can help to identify the type of dengue infection. The tests for confirmation of Dengue should be done in reliable laboratories.

How can someone get dengue fever?

Dengue fever occurs following the bite of an infected mosquito Aedes aegypti.This type of mosquito has a peculiar white spotted body and legs and is easy to recognize even by laymen. It breeds in clean water (see Question 20) and has a flight range of only 100 – 200 metres.The mosquito gets the Dengue virus after biting a human being infected with dengue virus.

Can I get dengue fever from another person?

Dengue does not spread directly from person to person. It is only spread through the bite of an infected mosquito.

When does dengue develop after getting the infection?

After the entry of the virus in the person, it multiplies in the lymph glands in the body. The symptoms develop when the virus has multiplied in sufficient numbers to cause the symptoms. This happens generally about 4-6 days ( average) after getting infected with the virus.

Can people suffer from dengue and not appear ill?

Yes. There are many people who are infected with the virus and do not suffer from any signs or symptoms of the disease. For every patient with symptoms and signs there may be 4-5 persons with no symptoms or with very mild symptoms.

Can dengue fever be treated at home?

Most patients with dengue fever can be treated at home. They should take rest, drink plenty of fluids that are available at home and eat nutritious diet. Whenever available, Oral Rehydration Salt/ORS (commonly used in treating diarrhoea) is preferable. Sufficient fluid intake is very important and becomes more important in case DF progresses into DHF or DSS where loss of body fluid / blood is the most salient feature.It is important to look  for danger signs and contact the doctor as soon as any one or more of these are found.

What is the treatment? Is it curable?

Like most viral diseases there is no specific cure for dengue fever. Antibiotics do not help. Paracetamol (can be purchased without prescription) is the drug of choice to bring down fever and joint pain. Other medicines such as Aspirin and Brufenshould be avoided since they can increase the risk of bleeding. Doctors should be very careful when prescribing medicines. Any medicines that decrease platelets should be avoided.


Can dengue fever become dangerous?

The infection can become dangerous since it may cause damage to the blood vessels. The damage may range from increased permeability of the blood vessels, causing leakage of blood fluid/plasma into various organs to completely broken blood vessels that causes bleeding.The symptoms and signs of dengue haemorrhagic fever and dengue shock syndrome are related to damage to the blood vessels and derangement in functioning in components of blood that help it to clot.

Can people die from dengue fever?

People who suffer from dengue fever have no risk of death but some of them develop Dengue Haemorrhagic Fever or Dengue Shock Syndrome. In some of these cases death can occur. With proper treatment, the patients with Dengue haemorrhagic fever and dengue shock syndrome can recover fully. Good treatment provided in time can save most lives.

When should a patient suffering from Dengue go to the hospital or consult a doctor?

Generally the progress towardsdengue haemorrhagic fever or dengue shock syndrome occur after 3-5 days of fever. At this time, fever has often come down. This may mislead many of us to believe that the patient is heading towards recovery. In fact, this is the most dangerous period that requires high vigilance from care-givers. The signs and symptoms that should be looked for are severe pain in the abdomen, persistent vomiting, bleeding from any site like, bleeding in the skin appearing as small red or purplish spots, nose bleed, bleeding from gums, passage of black stools like coal tar. Bring the patient to the hospital whenever the first two signs, namely, severe pain in the abdomen and persistent vomiting are detected. Usually it is too late if we wait until bleeding has occurred.

The most dangerous type of dengue is the dengue shock syndrome. It is recognized by signs like excessive thirst, pale and cold skin (due to very low blood pressure), restlessness and a feeling of weakness.

Is there a vaccine to prevent dengue fever?

A vaccine has been developed to prevent dengue fever but it is still under trial. It is not yet available in the market. Scientific progress is likely to help in prevention of dengue fever by vaccination in the years to come.

Are there any long term ill effects of dengue fever?

Most people who suffer from dengue fever recover in 1-2 weeks time. Some may feel tired for several weeks. However, if symptoms persist after this period, consult a doctor.

Where does the mosquito that spreads dengue live?

The highly domestic mosquito Aedes aegypti rests indoors, in closets and other dark places. Outside it rests where it is cool and shaded. The female mosquito lays her eggs in water containers in and around the homes, and other dwellings. These eggs will develop, become larvae, and further develop into adults in about 10 days.


How can the multiplication of mosquitoes be reduced?

Dengue mosquitoes breed in stored, exposed water collections. Favoured places for breeding are barrels, drums, jars, pots, buckets, flower vases, plant saucers, tanks, discarded bottles, tins, tyres, water coolers etc.

To prevent the mosquitoes from multiplying, drain out the water from desert coolers/window air coolers (when not in use), tanks, barrels, drums, buckets etc. Remove all objects containing water (e.g. plant saucers etc.) from the house. Collect and destroy discarded containers in which water collects e.g. bottles, plastic bags, tins, used tyres etc.

In case it is not possible to drain out various water collections or to fully cover them, use TEMEPHOS, an insecticide, ( brand name Abate) 1 part per million according to the local guidelines to prevent larvae from developing into adults.

How can I prevent mosquito bites to prevent dengue?

There is no way to tell if a mosquito is carrying the dengue virus. Therefore, people must protect themselves from all mosquito bites.

Dengue mosquitoes bite during the day time throughout the day. Highest biting intensity is about 2 hours after sunrise and before sunset.

Wear full sleeves clothes and long dresses to cover as much of your body as possible.

Use repellents- be careful in using them in young children and old people.

Use mosquito coils and electric vapour mats during the daytime also to prevent dengue.

Use mosquito nets to protect children, old people and others who may rest during the day. The effectiveness of these nets can be improved by treating them with permethrin (pyrethroid insecticide). This bed-net is called Insecticide Treated Nets and are widely used in the prevention of malaria.


Is there any advice for the patient with dengue fever to prevent the spread of the disease to others.

The spread of dengue from a patient to others is possible. The patient should be protected from contact with the mosquito. This can be achieved by ensuring that the patient sleeps under a bed-net. Effective mosquito repellents are used where the patient is being provided care. This will prevent the mosquito from biting the patient and from getting infected and spreading it to others.

What is your advice on travel if there is an outbreak of dengue?

There is no travel restriction. However, you should be aware of what to do if you are travelling an area where dengue  has been reported. This includes observing prevention measures described in these frequently asked questions and answers and reporting to the doctor if you have fever and are worried that it might be dengue fever.

What should the doctors treating dengue do ?

Patients suspected to be suffering from dengue haemorrhagic fever or dengue shock syndrome should be admitted to a hospital without delay.

The progress of these patients should be monitored regularly at 1-2 hours interval.

Platelet counts and haematocrits should be monitored repeatedly to review the progress of patients.

If the haematocrit levels fall  dangerously then a blood transfusion should be considered. A fall of more than 20 % as compared to previous levels may be an indication for transfusion.

If the haematocrit values rise the patient should be given fluids intravenously and the fluids carefully monitored to ensure that the patient does not get excess fluids. A rise of more than 20 % as compared to previous levels may be an indication for IV fluids. The doctor should decide based on best judgement of patient's condition.

What should the doctors treating dengue avoid?

Do not prescribe aspirin and brufen or any other medicine that reduces the platelets or increases the  tendency to bleed.

Avoid giving IV fluids unless the patient is bleeding or the haematocrit level is rising progressively.

Avoid rushing into giving blood transfusion unless the haematocrit is falling dangerously.

Do not give platelet transfusion unless the platelet count is very low or unless there is bleeding.

What is your advice regarding reporting of dengue?

All suspected or probable dengue cases should be reported to the health authorities. Further confirmation of the cases is done by the health authorities. Seek their guidance on blood collection and transportation of samples from suspected/probable cases of dengue.

What can the community do to prevent dengue?

In fact, the community is the key to dengue prevention. As elaborated above, prevention of dengue relies heavily on preventing the mosquito (Aedes aegypti) that transmits dengue from breeding inside and in the vicinity of homes. Every household can undertake the very simple measures to prevent existing water collections from becoming places for breeding of A.aegypti by draining out water from various containers, by regular changing of water plus cleaning flower vases and other items or, in the case of unused items, by discarding/destroying them.

Since the mosquito does not travel far, "house cleaning" by all members of a community will ensure that no breeding places exist, preventing dengue from occurring.

The main strategy in the prevention and control of dengue is "source reduction", or prevention of breeding places, mentioned above.

In the case of a dengue outbreak or epidemic what are our strategies?

Prevention of mosquito breeding places remains our mainstay. However to stop or to slow down the transmission it may be supplemented by "thermal fogging", using fogging machines. In fogging,we use an insecticide that has an immediate knock-down effect on adult mosquitos. When fogging is undertaken after an  epidemic occurs, it is unfortunately too late. Fogging, to be effective,  should be done at about 3-4 days interval. It is expensive and time consuming. Therefore, measures undertaken by the community, for the community,  to prevent the breeding of mosquitoes is far more cost-effective than containment measures once an outbreak occurs.

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How-To: Adding any of 300+ Custom Sharing Services to WordPress.com, Sharedaddy, Jetpack Made Super Easy

Adding More Sharing Services to Your WordPress.com Blog

Use the Share API to make adding any sharing service that is not supported by WordPress.com (or Jetpack) really easy!

What You Need to Know

If you would like to add a sharing service to your blog that is not available in the standard set that WordPress.com/Jetpack provides, you can add it using the “Add a new service” link in the “Available Services” section.

The three things you need to define a sharing service are:

  • Service name – used for the text label. It will appear in the link to the service in the share bar and in the blog sharing stats. ex. Google Buzz
  • Sharing URL – is the URL address to the sharing service submission page. No need to go hunting for the correct URL. All you have to do here is use the Shareaholic URL below, and replace the “service=” value with the one for the service you’d like to add. A complete list of 250+ available service codes are listed here.

    For example:


    If you’d like to get fancy by specifying your own bit.ly url shortener keys, etc – you can. Read up on documentation of lots more advanced settings for the Share API.

  • Icon URL – URL of a 16×16 icon that can be used for the service. ex.

    An easy/fast way to get the service icon for the service you’d like to add is to use the following favicon API:

    (just replace evernote.com with the domain of your choice)

Save the service and the new service will appear in the Available Services section. And you’re done! Fast, easy, safe.

Useful Resources:

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SoundCloud Sounds In Google Mail Lets You Play Audio Tracks In Gmail

Social networking sites aren’t the only things that are banned in most offices, online media players also go to the chopping block. SoundCloud Sounds in Google Mail is an extension, available for both Firefox and Chrome, that helps you listen to music unobtrusively from SoundCloud. The extension detects links from the SoundCloud site in your mail and adds the waveform player allowing you to play the songs within the email.

SoundCloud Sounds in Google Mail

The extension installs in the background; when you receive an email with a link from SoundCloud, the extension detects it and loads the Soundcloud media player in the attachment section. To stream the entire song, you need to keep the email with the link open in your browser, however, you can switch tabs and windows without disrupting playback.

Install SoundCloud Sounds In Google Mail For Chrome

Install SoundCloud Sounds in Google Mail For Firefox

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How to get Google+ Plus Invites.

Hey everyone. If you need a google plus invite, just open this link, signup and share the same link on your twitter/facebook. Then send me an email here with a screenshot of your share. I'll send you an invite asap. :)

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How to get Google+ invites.

Hey everyone. If you need a google plus invite, just open this link, signup and share the same link on your twitter/facebook. Then send me an email here with a screenshot of your share. I'll send you an invite asap. :)

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Best Les Paul Google Doodle 'Covers'

Here are some of my 'covers' that I did using the very awesome 'Les Paul Google Doodle'. Thanks to 'Twitter & Youtube' for the chords. Google will keep this doodle for one more day but don't worry, you can now download the offline google doodle. See this post.

  1. Harry Potter Theme Song

  2. Twinkle Twinkle Little Star 

  3. Hey Jude 

  4. Frère Jacques

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Les Paul Google Doodle, Strum/Record and Playback | Harry Potter Theme Song

Les Paul Google Doodle Lets You Strum Guitar, Record, Playback

>    Jun 9, 2011 8:00 AM

Les Paul Google Doodle Lets You Strum Guitar, Record, PlaybackGoogle has created a play-along Doodle to mark the anniversary of electric guitar inventor Les Paul's birth. Les Paul (1915-2009), for those unfamiliar, was a jazz/blues musician and inventor of the solid-body electric guitar that kicked-started rock and roll.

Featured on Google.com's search page the doodle allow you to run your mouse cursor over the strings to hear authentic Les Paul strumming. You can try picking out a tune but a better method is to activate the keyboard controls by pressing the button beneath the strings. Then tap keys from left to right to play a scale (each row of keys is tuned the same), or pick out a melody. Les Paul Google Doodle Lets You Strum Guitar, Record,  Playback

Versions of the Doodle include a record button, and invited people to share their tunes via a unique URL. This has since vanished on some version of the Google search page but is still visible on others.

Google says the Doodle was achieved using a combination of HTML5, JavaScript and the Flash plugin, the latter providing the sound of the strings. Theoretically HTML5 could handle it all but Google has to retain compatibility with older browsers.

Paul wasn't a one trick pony and also invented multi-track recording, which made studio recording a whole lot more effective. Suddenly musicians didn't have to play everything at once but could record track-by-track and mix everything together later, adding extra lines of instrumentation if they wished.

The Smithsonian Institution recognized Paul with a Bicentennial Medal before his death.

Google's first Doodle back in 1998 celebrated the Burning Man festival and early Doodles simply celebrated holidays or special events, such as the Olympics or Earth Day. Doodles evolved to celebrate birth anniversaries of notable figures in science and art, and in recent times Doodles have become interactive. The Les Paul Doodle is a perfect continuation of this fine tradition, being a tribute to a man involved in both art and science.

(Images courtesy of LesPaulOnline.com)

Here is my attempt at Harry Potter's Theme Song. :) Enjoy

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The name of Allah - A Halaal Optical Illusion



Concentrate on 3 black dots for10 seconds and then look at your nearest wall and blink your eyes for 5 seconds. Tell me what you see..... :)

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The Strokes Live at Coachella Valley 2011

Complete Performance by 'The Strokes' at the Coachella 2011. This is a webrip while it was onair and the whole theme was Black and White on Stage.

Follow Me: Twitter.com/BitHack3r

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How to Protect Confidential Files and Folders in Windows

SteadyCrypt is a java-based open source encryption tool for quickly encrypting confidential files to prevent unauthorized usage. As far as features, tools and encryption algorithm are concerned, it is not comparable to widely used TrueCrypt, but users who wont like to follow lengthy procedure in TrueCrypt to create encrypted containers, will find it useful. Being a java-based application, it can work on any OS platform where JRE is installed. Moreover, it supports simple drag & drop behavior to specify folders and files which are to be encrypted. The encrypted containers are secured with a master password which has to entered after installing the application.


To begin, launch the main executable file, enter the master password, and click OK to bring up main interface.

stead crypt

Now all you need is to drag the files and  folders over the main interface to initiate encryption process.

encrypt 3

The left sidebar holds a search bar to filter out encrypted files with a facility to quickly sift file types from pull-down menu present underneath it. Along with filtering files by name and file types, it also lets you define the time period for keeping all the inserted files and folders encrypted.

Decrypting the data is easy. Just right-click the file or folder that you want to decrypt, and choose either Decrypt selection to specify output location or Decrypt to original path.

decrypt 1

Download SteadyCrypt

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Keyring: A handy gadget that helps you loose all your keys at once.


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New HTML5 logo is Not an Image.

HTML5 Logo

Here is the New HTML5 Logo


HTML5 Logo Source Screenshot

Take a look at the source code of the image. Click on the image for full view.


Download Logo and Follow Me.

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Like this if you used to run up the stairs using both your hands and legs :P

Like this if you used to run up the stairs using both your hands and legs :P


Well this sucks...The local shop has installed CCTV. No more free chocolate I guess. :(


Five ways to find out who unfollowed you on twitter.

There are many reasons people unfollow you on twitter, When realizing that you’re unfollowed makes you little hurt, but don’t take it deep to your heart cause it is just a social network. We have seen many tools to unfollow people on twitter, but today we are going to see the best ways to get noticed when you’re unfollowed on twitter.

unfollow you on twitter 5 Ways To Find Out Who Unfollowed You on Twitter

There are many reasons people unfollow you on twitter, like they may not be interested in your content which you tweet, when your content is adult or offensive, when you spam too much etc. But after knowing the exact person who unfollowed you, you can ask them and know the reason why they unfollowed you. So, here are some tools to find out the person who unfollowed you on twitter.

HowTo Get Alert When Someone Unfollow You on Twitter ?

Unfollowr @ Twitter -

Unfollowr 5 Ways To Find Out Who Unfollowed You on Twitter

If you follow this twitter handle, it DM’s you when someone unfollows you on twitter. It is my favorite way to find out who has unfollowed me, because I get the notification in my DM inbox and don’t need to go for any thrid party apps.

Qwitter –

qwitter 5 Ways To Find Out Who Unfollowed You on Twitter

When someone unfollows you, qwitter sends you an email message saying who unfollowed youand what tweet did you post before they unfollowed you. All you need to do is, sign up. Enter your twitter username and email address.

Goodbye, Buddy! –

good bye 5 Ways To Find Out Who Unfollowed You on Twitter

You can follow him on twitter @goodbyebuddy and go once a day to his website to check who unfollowed you.

Lost a Follower -

lost a follower 5 Ways To Find Out Who Unfollowed You on Twitter

This service is same like qwitter, you need to sign up with twitter username and email address. They will send you an email message when ever some one unfollows you on twitter.

Twittaquitta -

twittquttas 5 Ways To Find Out Who Unfollowed You on Twitter

Service that sends you an email everyday to tell you who stopped following you on twitter!

Bonus – TwitDiff

twitdiff 5 Ways To Find Out Who Unfollowed You on Twitter

TwitDiff provides e-mail and RSS notification for accounts unsubscribing from your tweets.

Once again I say this to you all, it hurts badly when you find someone unfollows you on twitter, so don’t take it close to your heart, it is just another social network. Oh and don't forget to follow me. :)

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Tweeting tyrants out of Tunisia: the global Internet at its best http://ping.fm/quebe


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How to install Windows XP / Vista / 7 from USB Stick / Flash Drive

Here’s how to create a Windows XP, bootable, USB key. This is very useful especially persons using Netbook or in the case that your PC is not equipped with a DVD/CD player or its is out of order.

Creating your bootable USB key:
First of all, you will need:
A USB key (capacity:1 or 2 GB;)
A Windows XP CD ( official version )  or an ISO image of Windows XP
A PC with a CD player and a USB key
And this software WinSetupFromUSB : http://www.datafilehost.com/download-109e97af.html [Used in this article]

If you need spcial drivers or you want to create a slipstream / unattended / shrinked version of Windows XP then you'll have to use Nlite.

Another good software is WinToFlash http://wintoflash.com/home/en/

If you’re trying to install Windows 7 on a netbook, Microsoft is making things even easier. Just use the Windows 7 USB tool.

It will also require that:
Your USB key is bootable. 
Your machine can boot your USB key (see in the BIOS).
Your key is fast enough to avoid delays during installation of the OS.


HP Format Tool

Steps to Follow:

  1. Select your Windows Source, it could be a CD / DVD and / or in case you don't have a ROM Drive then an ISO image that is mounted on a virtual drive. You can use image softwares like UltraISO, PowerISO or MagicDisk for mounting an ISO image. 
  2. Select your target USB Drive, be very careful and double check your selection. If your USB doesn't show up in the list you can try hitting the refresh button and then go on the small arrow just to the left and select the USB key that you'll be using to boot XP.
  3. In 'Force Target Disk Type', select 'Removable'.
  4. Use HP Format Tool to format your flash drive and format it in NTFS File System, this speeds up the data read significantly at the Text Mode part at the start of installtion of Windows XP.
  5. If everything goes as planned and I hope it does, you can Hit the 'Go' button Wait for the copying procedure. Then close the software (you are informed when the copy is complete) and your USB will be created.

Optional: You can use UltimateBoodCD, Windows 7 / Vista / Recovery ISO, PartedMagic or any other linux distribution ISO too. This will make it a multi boot USB.

Installing XP

For the first time when you'll connect your bootable USB to your PC / netBook, you may have to change the boot order in the BIOS, so that your computer can boot from the USB Flash drive. All the latest desktops / laptops / netBooks have the ability to boot from USB Flash Drives and there is a Quick Boot Menu too. It could be F12, F2, F9 or DEL button, so figure out yourself this part. Just make sure the USB is already attached. :)
Steps to Follow:

OK, So right here, I'm assuming that you've successfully booted from your USB Flash Drive and you'll be presented with the following screen.


Select 'First part of Windows XP Professional setup', this will start the text mode installation procedure.

Complete this part untill the 'Copying of Files to your Hard Disk' and RESTART your PC. Boot again from the USB but now Slect the 2nd Option.

Select 'Secondpart of Windows XP Professional setup', this will start the graphic mode installation procedure.

Complete this part, you maybe presented with the following screen too. Just keep it as it is and Press ENTER.

Now your Windows XP is installed with your USB key! I tried to make this as easy as possible. If theres still any problem, you can hit me @bithack3r and I'll be glad to help you.

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