How many usernames and passwords do you have? The answer is probably this...TOO MANY! myVidoop is a FREE password manager that remembers and keeps track of all of my usernames and passwords so you don't have to. You simply remember image categories only you know, and with just ONE CLICK select these to access all of your favorite websites.

It's simple, intuitive and automatic.

Go to http://www.vidoop.com/ and click on the Frisbee catching tortoise video to find out more.

You should give it a try! Go to https://myvidoop.com to create an account.

myVidoop: One password. Any website.

Your friend,
bithacker (the.griffen@gmail.com)

p.s. If you don't like this email, just ignore it. myVidoop will not spam you with unsolicited messages.

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